Spanish and Latin American Composers

Latin American Composers

After Christopher Columbus made his first trip across the Atlantic Ocean, Spain and other European countries began to colonize the Americas. Spanish music had a big influence on Latin American music - and so did the music of the enslaved people who were brought over from Africa. Hear how composers and players in Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay and other parts of Latin America married European forms with Indigenous sounds, creating folk music traditions that have become classics in their own right.

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Music In This Episode

La Bella Cubana
Classical Media/Aisha Syed, violin/Ciro Foder'e, piano

Vintage Music/Ernesto Lecuona, piano

2 Aires Populares Cubanos: Guajira Criolla
Erato (now Warner)/Leo Brouwer, guitar

Naxos/Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra/Maximiano Vald'es, conductor

Little Waltz
Pierian Recording Society/Teresa Carre~no, piano roll

El Marabino
Etcetera/J'esus Castro-Balbi, guitar

Piano Concerto #1 "Latin": mvt. 3 Allegro Venezolano
Orchid Classics/Gabriela Montero, piano/The Orchestra of the Americas/Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Danza Paraguaya
Harmonia Mundi/Pablo Villegas, guitar

Concierto Argentino: mvt. 3
Chandos/Xiayin Wang, piano/BBC Philharmonic/Juanjo Mena, conductor

Escualo (Shark)
Trova Industrias Musicales/Astor Piazzolla Ensemble/Astor Piazzolla, bandone'on

Bachianas Brasileiras #2: Little Train of the Caipira
Everest/London Symphony Orchestra/Eugene Goosens, conductor