Spanish and Latin American Composers

Mexican Composers

In the 16th century, "conquistadores" – soldiers from Spain – sailed to Mexico, and took over the country from the Indigenous people who lived there. The Spanish brought their language, their religion, and their music to the place they called "Nueva España," or New Spain. Mexico became independent from Spain in the 19th century, but the music stayed, combined with African and Indigenous forms, and took on a life of its own.

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Music In This Episode

Aufer a nobis iniquitates
Lindoro/Capella Prolationum/Ensemble La Danseye

Sobre las Olas
Sony/Philharmonic of the Americas/Alondra de la Parra, conductor

El Jarabe Tapat'io (Mexican Hat Dance)
Vintage Music/Mariachi M'exico de Pepe Villa

Scherzo Mexicano
Yellow House Records/Laura Dean, piano

Sinfon'ia 'India
Everest/The Stadium Symphony Orchestra of New York/Carlos Ch'avez, conductor

La Noche de los Mayas: Noche de Jaranas (mvt. 2)
Sony/Los Angeles Philharmonic/Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor

Naxos/Eduardo Mata University Youth Orchestra/Gustavo Rivero Weber, conductor

3 Toritos: A que te reto (I dare you)
Urtext/Mary-Elizabeth Thomson, Alejandro Escuer, Leonardo Bejarano, flutes

Danz'on #2
Deutsche Grammophon/Sim'on Bol'ivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela/Gustavo Dudamel, conductor