John Philip Sousa 5: I Love a Parade!

Before television, radio, and the movies, it used to be a very big deal when the circus came to town. Circus parades and performances were always accompanied by marches called […]

Dmitri Kabalevsky 1: About Dmitri Kabalevsky

By the time Dmitri Kabalevsky was 14, the Russian Revolution had turned his country into a communist state. In spite of the Soviet Union’s control over artists of all kinds, […]

Dmitri Kabalevsky 2: The Comedians Suite

After Dmitri Kabalevsky wrote music for a play called The Inventor and the Comedians, he put selections from that music into a concert suite called The Comedians. Listen to what’s […]

Dmitri Kabalevsky 3: What’s a Galop

The kind of galop that Dmitri Kabalevsky put his suite The Comedians has nothing to do with horses. In fact, it’s not even spelled the same as a horse's gallop. […]

Dmitri Kabalevsky 4: Musical Jokes

Even though classical music is sometimes referred to as “serious music,” a lot of times it just isn’t. Serious, that is — classical composers wrote some very funny music.

Robert Schumann 1: About Robert Schumann

From the time he was young, Schumann knew that he wanted to write. The only question was, should he write words, or music? Eventually, Schumann became known as a famous […]

Robert Schumann 2: Clara Schumann

Clara Wieck was born in 1819 in the German city of Leipzig. Her father, Friedrich Wieck, was a piano teacher who decided even before his daughter was born that she […]

Robert Schumann 3: All in the Musical Family

Robert and Clara Schumann were a husband and wife musician/composer team. But theirs was not the only family in which musician were linked by marriage. Others include Dvorak/Suk, Wagner/Liszt, Mozart/Weber, […]