The Music of Lili Boulanger

Trinity Le, CFK Intern Today we are joined by guest Marissa Kerbel, a fantastic pianist and teacher, and graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music! Here she talks about the […]

Gustav Holst 3: Music for Students (2023)

St. Paul’s Girls’ School in London has a sign that says: “Gustav Holst wrote The Planets and taught here.” Holst composed his St. Paul’s Suite for the student orchestra at St. Paul’s Girls’ School. Many other composers wrote music for students to perform.

Gustav Holst 2: The Planets (2023)

Astronomy is the science that studies the sun, moon, planets, and other objects in the sky. Astrology is not a science – it tries to show how objects in the […]

Gustav Holst 1: About Gustav Holst (2023)

Born into a family of composers, Gustav Holst wanted to follow in their footsteps. His career included playing in orchestras and serving as head of music at St. Paul’s Girls’ School for almost thirty years while also composing.

He liked music by earlier English composers, folk music and poetry, especially poetry from ancient India. The success of The Planets thrust him into the spotlight and enabled him to focus more of his time on what he loved, composing.

Franz Joseph Haydn 6: Firsts

A collection of musical firsts, including the first string quartet, the first use of trombones in a symphony, and the first professional musician to make a recording.

Giacomo Puccini 1: About Giacomo Puccini

By the time Italian composer Giacomo Puccini was born in 1858, there had already been four generations of musicians in his hometown of Lucca. Most were church musicians, but Giacomo […]

Giacomo Puccini 2: A Brief History of Italian Opera

Around the year 1600, Italian composers started writing theater pieces that use music all the way through them. Instead of speaking, characters in operas sing their lines. From Claudio Monteverdi, […]

Giacomo Puccini 3: Bohemian Music

Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Bohème is about struggling artists in Paris. Its title means “the bohemian lifestyle.” But Bohemia isn't in France; it's in the Czech Republic. Other composers such […]