Treble Clef

The other name for the G clef. This is the top set of lines (staff) in a piece of music. The treble clef is shown by a fancy letter G. […]


The highest voice in a piece of music written for several voices.


An arrangement of a piece of music for an instrument or voice other than the one for which it was originally written.

Tone Poem

A one-movement piece of program music, also called a symphonic poem.


The only drum that can be tuned to produce definite pitches. The name comes from the large kettle-shaped bottom, over which the skin of the drumhead is stretched. The player […]


The time of a piece of music is how it is divided up ? how long each note will be, and how many notes will be in a measure. For […]


The quality or color of sound that makes one voice or instrument different from another.


An early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the performer. The device was originally called the etherphone, based on the method it used to convey sound through the […]


A melody in a piece of music that is shorter than a movement.

Ternary Form

A piece of music for voice or instrument with three different sections. A scherzo is a piece of music in ternary form.