Tuning Fork

A two-pronged metal tool. When it is hit, it gives off a tone that can be used to make sure that an instrument is in tune (has the right pitch […]


A large brass instrument, oval in shape with a mouthpiece and a big bell-shaped opening. The sound is changed by pressing valves. It plays very low notes.


A wind instrument with a metal tube with two turns in it, a cup-shaped mouthpiece, and a bell-shaped opening. Pressing on valves changes the sound.


A poet/musician in 12th and 13th century France.


A brass wind instrument with a long metal tube with two turns in it. To play it, blow into the mouthpiece, and use the movable slide or valves to change […]


Music that is felt in groups of three beats.


A piece of music for three instruments.


Quickly playing one note, then another note, then the first note again, and the second note again, and so on. The second note can be higher or lower than the […]


A triangle of metal that is played by tapping it with a metal rod.


Playing a note again and again very quickly.