Sudden changes in the rhythm of a piece of music, in what notes are accented, and in the value of notes produces syncopation. It often sounds like the music has […]


A term now normally taken to signify an extended work for orchestra, consisting of several movements. The symphony became the chief vehicle of orchestral music in the late 18th century, […]


An ordered set of instrumental pieces, using newly composed or existing music like dances or folk songs. The suite also became a convenient way to arrange music written for plays, […]


A string instrument has strings (wires or cords) that are plucked or picked or played with a bow. It also has a hollow body to make the sound bigger. Some […]


A set of five lines and four spaces on which notes are written to indicate their pitch. A clef at the beginning of the staff tells which notes are on […]


A direction in musical composition telling musicians to play short, sharp, disconnected notes.


An African-American song with religious words and a folk or folk-like tune.


A woman or boy’s highest range of singing voice; also, a person having this voice.


A short piece of music written for a solo voice, with or without accompaniment.


A piece of instrumental music written to be performed by a soloist usually, but not necessarily, consisting of several movements.