Program Music

Any piece of instrumental music that is based on a book, story or picture and is trying to tell about it through the music.


The best player in a section of the orchestra. For example, there is a principal violinist and a principal flutist.


When someone is playing an instument very quick and fast, they are playing presto.


A musical introduction. Organ preludes often introduce church services; instrumental preludes can introduce operas or suites.

Powwow Drum

A traditional native american drum, made with a large base and covered with rawhide of deer, buffalo or steer


A piece of music, many times played on the organ, to end a church service.


Music that has two or more independent melodies woven together. Also called counterpoint. Polyphony comes from the Greek words meaning “many voices.”


A stately Polish processional dance popular in 19th century Europe; composers also used the polonaise as a form for non-dancing, instrumental pieces.


A lively dance in 2/4 time from Bohemia.


Italian for “pinched.” To pluck, instead of bow, the strings of an instrument.