The name of different tools used to soften the tone of instruments. For example, a drum mute is a piece of cloth spread over the top of the drum, and […]

Musical Bow

A simple string instrument used by a number of South African peoples, that consists of a flexible stick and strung end to end with a taut cord, usually metal. It […]


Sound organized by using elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.


A wooden double-headed drum, originally from southern India.


A section within a larger musical work. It is usually self-contained and separated by silence from other sections.


Having a single unaccompanied melody


Scales used to compose music. Ancient modes were established in the Middle Ages. Two of them are today’s major and minor scales: the Ionian mode is the major scale, and […]


A slow, graceful dance in ¾ time that started in the 1700’s in the French court. Gradually, the minuet began to be used as a musical form, especially as the […]


A musician in the Middle Ages.