Half Note

A note used in music notation. In 4/4 time, it is worth 2 beats or half of a whole note.


A keyboard instrument that was an ancestor of the piano. When the keys are pressed, the strings are plucked by quills. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to make […]


This string instrument dates back to pre-historic times. The modern harp has a large triangular frame with strings stretched vertically across the triangle. The strings are graduated in length from […]


A keyboard instrument that looks like a small organ. The sound on the harmonium is made by pushing air through metal reeds. The player uses foot pedals to pump the […]


A wind instrument consisting of a set of metal reeds inside a wooden or plastic case, with a metal cover plate. The reeds vibrate to produce pitches when air is […]

Hand Drum

A traditional Native American drum, made with a rawhide stretched over a circular frame