Another word for violin.


An instrumental composition whose form and invention spring ‘solely from the fantasy and skill of the author who created it’ (Luis de Milán, 1535–6).


A flourish of trumpets, or other instruments imitating a group of trumpets making an announcement.

French Horn

A brass wind instrument with a conical tube that’s bent into a circle, a funnel shaped mouthpiece, and a wide bell. The modern French horn has valves that allow it […]


A small, cylindrical woodwind instrument, usually made of silver, that is held sideways to the mouth. It is a tube with one open end and one capped end. Sound is […]

Finger cymbals

Tiny cymbals that are played by putting one on the thumb and the other on the index or middle finger.


The highest pitched member of the string instrument family. It has a shallow wooden body, four strings that are tuned with pegs, and it is played with a bow.