The person who makes sure that everyone in the orchestra or choir is playing or singing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. They stand in […]

Concerto grosso

A concerto written during the baroque for era for a group of instruments and the orchestra.


A piece of music in which one or more solo instruments alternate with the larger orchestra, providing contrast and a the opportunity for virtuoso performance. A concerto can be written […]


The principal violinist designated as the leader of an orchestra.


An instrument with expanding bellows like an accordian, but with buttons, instead of keys, for playing the melody.


A part of a piece of music written so that a person can show off how good they are at playing an instrument.


When any group of musicians plays in front of people.


Very fancy vocal music that is sung by a woman with a high voice .


Italian for “tail.” A passage added to the final section of a movement or piece of music to give a feeling of ending.


A sign put at the start of each line of a piece of music. The clef tells you what pitch the notes on the stave (staff) are in.