Circular metal instruments that are hit together to make sound. They can also be hit one at a time with a drumstick. The different sizes of the cymbals make different […]


A set of songs intended to be performed as a group.


A male voice that is higher than a tenor. A countertenor sounds very similar to a female voice.


When there are two or more different sounding tunes in the same piece of music.


A brass instrument that looks like a small trumpet. Blowing into the mouthpiece and pressing on the valves makes the music that comes out the bell-shaped end.


A double bassoon. It can play notes lower than a bassoon, but it is played the same way.


A way to play instruments together so they sound good. One instrument plays the bass line (the low notes), while other instruments play music that go along with the bass […]


A group of instruments of the same family or a group of singers or instrumentalists performing together.


A combination of sounds that give a pleasing effect, with a feeling of satisfation and rest.