Family of wind instruments made of metal with a cup-shaped mouthpiece (the part you blow in). Examples of brass instruments are the trumpet, trombone and tuba.


A stick with horsehair stretched along it, that is used to play instruments like the violin.


A Japanese short-necked lute, often used in narrative storytelling.

Binary Form

A piece of music in two different sections.


A collection of bells that are worn, often around the ankle of a traditional dancer


The regular rhythmic pattern of music. Time is counted in music by using beats.


A stick used by conductors to guide the musicians or singers.


A long, narrow woodwind instrument with a double reed. Blowing in it makes the reed move quickly and makes sound. The sound can be changed by opening and closing small […]

Bass Drum

The largest drum. It stands upright and is hit on the side. It is used in both orchestras and marching bands.