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Lesson Plan: Sergei Prokofiev

“Troika”: from Lt. Kijé Suite



Students will (“I can”) identify same and different sections of a listening map visually, then aurally, using a listening map. Students will become familiar with a troika. Younger students (grades K-2) will move to the music in a small group of three people. Older students (grades 3-5) will learn the dance steps to a Russian troika folk dance, using a group of three people.

Bonus Lesson Plan: Peter and the Wolf

These plans can be used with any recording of Peter and the Wolf
Courtesy of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Sound Discoveries Music for Life.



Peter and the Wolf” is a childhood classic. Peter, his animal friends, his grandfather, the wolf and the hunters all have appropriate musical themes that make this piece a delight to hear.

Lessons Include:

  1. Music/ Language Arts – Telling a Story
  2. Science/Language Arts – Research
  3. Sequencing