Book Review: A Fun New Series for Little Readers

Jordan Shaw is a high school student intern with Cincinnati Public Radio (home to Classics for Kids) and she kindly provided us this review of a new book series perfect for young music lovers.

Recently, I've had the pleasure of reading, That's My Piano, Sir! from the Little Stories of Great Composers collection. The story is told by Minmim, a mouse with a gift of finding great music. Throughout the book, Minmim is on a dock waiting for the dockworkers to finish up for the day so they can collect any food leftover. As the evening goes by, Minmim dreams about what food will be leftover for them and the other mice to eat. Suddenly, Minmim catches a whiff of their favorite cheese—Roquefort! While scurrying around the dock to find the cheese, a noise erupts caused by a large crate. After the noise, a nicely dressed boy emerges through the crowd and it's none other than a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

That's My Piano, Sir! by Ana Gerhard is a fun read for any music lover young and old. I loved the drawings in the book and enjoyed how the story was told through the perspective of a character instead of it being told in third person. The book also comes with a CD (and access to online audio clips) so you can listen to music while reading along with narration.