Mathilde Casazola

February 19, 1942 –

Modern Period

Born in Bolivia

Poet and songwriter Matilde Casazala was born to a mother who was also a poet and composer and a father who was a language teacher. She began writing poetry at age 8 and would write and recite poetry with her sister, Gabriela. As a teenager, she began playing guitar and would study with guitarist Pedro García Ripoll. Along with her books of poetry (the first one published in 1967), Casazala has released several recordings of her works, and many Bolivian artists have interpreted her writings.

When asked about her poems and songs, she has said, “My poetic works have often come to me in the darkness of sleepless nights…The majority of these melodies come with a poetic idea, too, so trying to decipher them and put them on paper is an interesting adventure.”