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William Boyce

January 01, 1711 – January 01, 1779

Late Baroque Period

Born in England

Born in London in 1711, William Boyce was an English composer, organist, and musical editor. His musical studies began at a young age when he sang in the choir at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Once his voice broke, he began to study with the cathedral organist.

Boyce was known for his church music and works for the stage. Often times his compositions were written for use based on his current employment. For instance, while working at the Chapel Royal, he wrote many choral pieces for its weekly services. While the Master of the King’s Musick, he composed annual odes for the New Year and for His Majesty’s birthday. Later in his life, Boyce struggled with deafness, a discouraging fate for a musician. Some of Boyce’s well-known works include his serenata Solomon and his chamber work Twelve Sonatas for Two Violins, with a Bass for the Violoncello or Harpsichord.