Philippe Verdelot

January 01, 1470 – Unknown

Early Music Period

Born in France

Not much is known about Philippe Verdelot’s early career. He was born around 1470 in France, but spent much of his later life living and working in Italy. He is most remembered as a leader in the history of the Italian madrigal – a piece for multiple voices, each of equal importance, set to fine poetry.

While living in Florence during the 1520s, Verdelot held several important positions. He was placed in charge of the music of the baptistry and later the cathedral! He became so popular with the public that Pope Clement the VII requested Verdelot perform at his coronation in 1524.

During the Florentine republic in the later 1520s, Verdelot decided to change his loyalties and ally against the papal and imperial forces. It is unknown whether he survived the siege of Florence in 1530, as no record of his music exists after this point.