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Orlando Gibbons

December 25, 1583 – June 05, 1625

Early Music Period

Born in England

Orlando Gibbons was one of the most popular composers for church music during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. He also was an organist, and wrote quite a few impressive works for the organ. Raised in a musical family, it is likely that he received his first music lessons from his older brother. In 1596 he joined the King’s College Choir at Cambridge and served there for a few years. In the early 1600s, he was appointed organist at Chapel Royal. Many considered him to be the greatest organist in all of England! In 1619, he was appointed the important post of Musician for the Virginals. In 1623, he added organist at Westminster Abbey to his list of accomplishments. Sadly, Orlando Gibbons died suddenly in 1625. He was only 42.