Edvard Grieg 2: The Story of Peer Gynt

“In The Hall of the Mountain King” is part of the incidental music Edvard Grieg wrote for Henrik Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt. Hear the story of the play as you […]

Edvard Grieg 1: About Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg was from a music-loving Norwegian family. In addition to becoming the leading Scandinavian composer of his day, Grieg became a big supporter of Norwegian arts and culture.

Zoltan Kodaly 4: The Kodaly Method

Zoltan Kodaly developed a method for teaching music. It is still used by teachers around the world today. Jill Trinka, who teaches the Kodaly Method, talks with Naomi Lewin.

Zoltan Kodaly 2: The Story of Hary Janos

Kodaly’s opera Hary Janos is about a real person who told real whoppers – big, fat lies. If you listened to him, you’d think he defeated Napoleon’s army all by […]

Zoltan Kodaly 1: About Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly was born in a small town in Hungary. His father worked for the Hungarian railroad, so the family moved around a lot. This meant that as a kid, […]