Orff Instruments

History of Orff Instruments  In addition to speaking and singing with the voice, instruments used in Orff-based teaching include pitched and non-pitched (or “unpitched”) percussion and recorder. Orff wanted children to […]

Orff Approach

Carl Orff (1895-1982) was a German composer and educator who developed an innovative and unique approach to music education together with colleagues Dorothee Gunther and her student Gunild Keetman. Orff […]

Guided Listening Teaching Tips

From Dr. Kay Edwards, Miami University Make the experience active: Give students specific things to listen for or do beforehand. This can include students writing down answers to questions posed […]

Curwen/Glover Hand Signs

The Kodály approach emphasizes the importance of learning how to sing on pitch. In the 18th century, John Spencer Curwen drew upon an earlier music teaching system known as Norwich […]

The Kodály Approach

The Kodály philosophy is a system of music education that has evolved from the inspiration and creativity of Zoltán Kodály. This philosophy was not invented by Kodály, but became famous because […]