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This site is designed to help you use classical music as part of your daily classroom activities. Classical music not only has the power to stimulate the mind, enrich the heart and soothe the soul; it can also help you meet the educational objectives of your students.

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The following Classics for Kids® lesson plans provide practical, effective activities for grades K-5 to help you teach the basics of music to your students. Portions of the lessons can also be used by classroom teachers. They are based on national and state standards, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Critical Thinking skills based on Bloom's Taxonomy. Each set of three lesson plans focuses on an individual classical music composer and a selected piece of music.

The lesson plans were written by Dr. Kay Edwards, Professor and Chair of Music Education at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Dr. Edwards earned both a Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts in general music from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Music from Ohio University. She has been an active clinician and author in the areas of elementary general music, guided listening, and multicultural music education for more than 15 years at the university level and has 10 years experience as an elementary general music teacher. In addition to Orff Level III certification, she has special training in Kodály and Dalcroze pedagogies.

Additional resources for teachers and parents, as well as the Classics for Kids Activity Pages, were provided by Music Educator and former Classics for Kids® Consultant Jennifer Morris and former Cincinnati Public Radio Educational Outreach Manager, Carolyn Phillips.

Help your student Be a Musical Explorer
with fun musical trips through the Classics for Kids® website.

Here's what you'll find on the site:

Lesson Plans
Our lesson plans feature music by Kodály, Rossini, Haydn, Mozart and Grieg for grades K-2 and 3-5. Each set focuses on a selected piece of music from the composer. This framework provides a springboard for exploring a wide variety of musical and general classroom concepts.

Get acquainted with music education methodologies and musical terms.

A complete archive of Classics for Kids programs, as well as a selection of classical music pieces.

Keep up to date on the National Standards for the Arts, plus state education standards, learning outcomes and more.

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Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 5

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What's New?

Lesson Plans
Based on the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, these lesson plans provide practical, effective activities for grades K-5.

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Classics for Kids
Composers of the Month for the 2014-2015 School Year

September, 2014: Bach
October, 2014: Mussorsky
November, 2014: Dvorak
December, 2014: Bizet
January, 2015: Schubert
February, 2015: Still
March, 2015: Brahms
April, 2015: Puccini
May, 2015: Kabalevsky
June, 2015: Liszt
July, 2015: Sousa
August, 2015: Mendelssohn
September, 2015: Kodaly
October, 2015: Grieg
November, 2015: Bernstein
December, 2015: Tchaikovsky



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