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Here's what people are saying about Classics for Kids:

Classics for Kids provides WDAV with a long-sought solution to the problem of presenting a program for young listeners that doesn't drive away our older Core listeners. In fact, we've heard from adults who've been pleasantly surprised by something new THEY learned from the show. And as an announcer myself, I'll admit that I've "borrowed" some of Naomi Lewin's concise musical information more than once to share with my own grown-up listeners! -- Frank Dominguez, WDAV, Davidson, NC

I absolutely love this website and what you are doing for the children. Keep the wonderful biographies and excellent broadcasting coming. My students benefit so much from your hard work and excellence. -- Website user in Texas

What an awesome way to introduce classical music to children. I use the website every Wednesday morning right before our poetry workshop. Thanks and keep up the great work! -- Listener in Vermont

I really appreciate this show. I am an educated musician with bachelor's and master's degrees and work at Brodt Music Company in Charlotte, NC. Through this program I have learned things that I somehow missed in music history classes. Mucho kudos to the host and producers of this charming and very educational show! Keep up the GREAT work! -- Listener in North Carolina

We listen every Friday morning and enjoy the program; only it isn't long enough! -- Listener in Vermont

I am a student at Miami University and will soon be graduating with a degree in early childhood education. I was introduced to Classics for Kids by my music teacher in college. She directed us to this website and gave a lot of fun and creative ways to incorporate music into the everyday classroom. Thanks for what you are doing…kids need this! -- Listener in Ohio

Thank you so much for the CD! I couldn't be more pleased with your website or the CD. My son is so excited about all of the different composers and can now put a face with what her hears! -- Website User in Missouri

I am very eager to receive information from Classics for Kids. I was unaware of its existence until I listened to WGUC. Our school has absolutely no resources so you are an absolute blessing. Thanks so much for all the time and energy put into such an endeavor. -- Listener in Kentucky

I absolutely love this web site. I use it every month to introduce a new composer to my students and they really enjoy this unique way of learning about composers. Keep up the great work! -- Teacher in Ohio

I have taught elementary music for about 20 years and fine this to be one of the finest sites for children anywhere. It's interesting, inventive and inspiring. Keep up the great work you're doing. -- Teacher in Maryland

Your site blows me away. Not only has visiting your site improved my son's musical appreciation and knowledge, but it has also improved his performance in math and science. Thank you for all of your hard work! -- Website User in Indiana

Wow! What an awesome gift you give us. Thank you. We homeschool, and this is an excellent resource. We will be spreading the word! -- Listener in Kentucky

Wonderful site! I really appreciate the mix of kid-appeal and thorough information. -- Website User in Ohio

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