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Gioachino Rossini
William Tell Overture


Hear the Music!
Rossini: William Tell Overture


Usually, an overture is a piece of music played at the beginning of a play, opera or ballet in order to set the mood. But there are also other kinds of overtures.

Track list:
Lully: Les Noces de Village Overture
Telemann: Alaster Overture in F Major
Offenbach: Grand Duchess:Overture
Monteverdi: L'Orfeo: Toccata
Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture
Beethoven: Egmont Overture
Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream Overture
Brahms: Academic Festival Overture
Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture
Rossini: William Tell Overture

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. An overture opens a piece of music.



2.Overtures put the listener in the mood for what's coming up.



3. An overture often includes music from the stage work that follows it.



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