Antonio Vivaldi

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Antonio Vivaldi
"Spring" from The Four Seasons


Hear the Music!
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Poetry and Sound Effects in Vivaldi's Spring Concerto

Vivaldi based each of his The Four Seasons concertos on a set of sonnets -- poems. The music in each of the Four Seasons describes exactly what's going on in the poems. "Spring" includes birds, brooks, breezes and thunderstorms. See how many of those you can hear in Vivaldi's music.

Track list:
Vivaldi: “Spring” from The Four Seasons

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. One of Vivaldi's most famous works is called

The Storn

The Four Seasons

A Little Night Music

La Mer

The William Tell Overture

2.The Four Seasons concertos are based on a set of sonnets.



3. Program music tells a story without words.



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