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Aaron Copland
"Hoe-Down" from Rodeo


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Copland: Rodeo

Copland's Cowboy Ballets

Copland’s first cowboy ballet was Billy the Kid, about the notorious outlaw who lived in the American Southwest in the late 1800’s. Then, choreographer (a choreographer is a person who invents dance moves) Agnes de Mille convinced Copland to write a second cowboy ballet -- Rodeo.

Track list:
Copland: Excerpts from Billy the Kid, including “Goodbye, Old Paint”
Copland: Excerpts from Rodeo, including “Buckaroo Holiday” and “Hoedown”

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. How many of Aaron Coplands ballets were set in the Wild West?






2.Where was Billy the Kid born?

Kansas City



New York

San Francisco

3. What is the name of the cowboy ballet Copland wrote for Agnes de Mille?

Billy the Kid

Appalachian Spring

Rite of Spring

Swan Lake


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