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Robert Schumann
Album for the Young


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Schumann: Album for the Young

About Robert Schumann

From the time he was young, Schumann knew that he wanted to write. The only question was, should he write words, or music? Eventually, Schumann became known as a famous composer and a music journalist.

Track list:
Schumann: Kinderszenen
Schumann: Faschingsschwank
Schumann: Arabeske
Schumann: Kinderszenen - Traumerei
Schumann: Widmung
Schumann: Symphony No. 1
Schumann: Quintet
Schumann: Piano Concerto in A
Schumann: Album for the Young - Happy Farmer

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. What kind of music did Robert Schumann write in the year after he married Clara?


Chamber Music




2.In addition to being a composer, Schumann also had what profession?



Music Journalist



3. Schumann's Album for the Young was a present for whom?

Frederic Chopin

Schumann's daughter

A neighbor

The newsboy

Schumann's piano student

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