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Scott Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag

Ragtime Music

Ragtime music is truly African-American music. It combines rhythms that were brought to this country by slaves, with musical forms brought over to the United States from Europe. Ragtime uses syncopated rhythms -- that is, the accents in the melody are shifted away from the strong beats in the bass line underneath.

Track list:
Joplin: Peachrine Rag
Tom Turpin: Harlem Rag
James Europe: Castle House Rag
Eubie Blake: Charleston Rag
James Scott: Great Scott Rag
Joseph Lamb: Reindeer
Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Piano rags follow the same form as which type of music?






2.How many composers are known as fathers of ragtime music?






3. How did Ragtime get its name?

From a movie

From a piano player

From the name of the first ragtime song

From its syncopated rhythms

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