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Benjamin Britten
Simple Symphony

The Simple Symphony

Benjamin Britten composed his Simple Symphony when he was twenty, but he based it on music that he'd written much earlier -- some of it when he was only 10! The “Simple Symphony” has four movements, each of which has a very catchy name: Boisterous Bouree, Playful Pizzicato, Sentimental Sarabande, and Frolicsome Finale.

Track list:
Britten: Simple Symphony: Boisterous Bouree
Britten: Simple Symphony: Playful Pizzicato
Bach: Violin Partita #3: Gavotte
Britten: Simple Symphony: Sentimental Serenade
Falla: Simple Symphony: Frolicsome Finale

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Britten wrote The Simple Symphony for what ensembles?


Choral Groups

Jazz Bands

School Orchestras

Marching Bands

2.What is a Bouree?

A Dance

A Brass Instrument

A Book

A French Song

A Dish

3. What does Pizzicato mean?






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