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Zoltan Kodaly
"Viennese Musical Clock" from Hary Janos


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Kodály: Háry János Suite

About Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály was born in a small town in Hungary. His father worked for the Hungarian railroad, so the family moved around a lot. This meant that as a kid, Zoltán heard folk music from many different parts of the country. When he grew up, Hungarian folk music became his passion. Kodály spent a large part of his life collecting his native music, and teaching his countrymen about it.

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. What instrument did Kodaly teach himself to play?





2.Who was the composer with whom Kodaly shared a passion for Hungarian folk music?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bela Bartok

Franz Liszt

3. Kodaly’s system of teaching is based in

playing an instrument



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