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Aaron Copland
Fanfare for the Common Man


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Copland: Appalachian Spring

What's in a Name

In 1942, Eugene Goossens, music director of the Cincinnati Symphony, invited two dozen or so composers to write fanfares honoring those serving in World War II. Hear some more of those fanfares, and take a guess why Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man is the only one that's still regularly performed.

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Eugene Goosens was music director of which orchestra?

New York Philharmonic

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra

San Francisco Symphony

2.Goosens asked composers to write fanfares honoring

people who fought in World War II

soldiers from the Civil War

soldiers from the Revolutionary War

veterans of the Korean War

3. Copland's fanfare was named for

only soldiers

only marines

everyone who worked for victory in World War II

only civilians

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