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Antonin Dvorak
Slavonic Dance No. 7


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Dvorak: Slavonic Dance No. 7

About Antonin Dvorak

At the time when Czech composer Antonin Dvorak was born, the Czech people had no country of their own. The regions where they lived -- Bohemia and Moravia -- were part of the Austrian Empire. Dvorak wrote a lot of Czech-sounding compositions without ever using a folk tune in his music.

Track list:
Dvorak: Slavonic Dance Op. 72, #1
Dvorak: Serenade for Winds
Dvorak: Carnival Overture
Dvorak: Symphony #4
Dvorak: Slavonic Dance Op. 46, #6
Dvorak: Slavonic Dance Op. 72, #7
Dvorak: Slavonic Rhapsody #3
Dvorak: Humoreske
Dvorak: Symphony #9

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Dvorak was born near what city?





2.Dvorak never actually studied musical composition.



3. Which of Dvorak's compositions were especially popular?

Slavonic Dances




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