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Claude Debussy
Children's Corner Suite


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Debussy: Children's Corner Suite

The Children's Corner

Claude Debussy had a daughter named Emma-Claude, but everyone called her Chouchou, a French pet name that means "darling." When Chouchou was three years old, she started taking piano lessons. Her proud father composed the Children's Corner as a present for her, even though it was much too hard for her to play at the time. The suite was meant to entertain Chouchou, since it starred her favorite toys.

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Debussy wrote the Children's Corner Suite for his





2.The first movement of the Children's Corner Suite is about

the Eiffel Tower

gardens in Paris

practicing the piano

a playground

3. The last movement is called

Wild Horsemen

The Happy Farmer

Golliwog's Cakewalk

Hansel and Gretel

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