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Sergei Prokofiev
Lt. KijÚ Suite


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Prokofiev: Lt. KijÚ Suite

The Story of Lt. Kije

Lt. KijÚ is the story of an imaginary soldier, created when the Russian Tsar misread a smudged name on a list of his men. Everyone around the Tsar was too afraid to tell him there was no such person, so they just invented an entire life for the nonextistent KijÚ. He gets married and become a hero -- all on paper. When the Tsar finally demands to meet KijÚ, the military holds his funeral.

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. What is different about Lt. Kije?

He is very young.

He likes the Army.

He is always afraid.

He doesn't exist.

He has a dog.

2.What new instrument did Prokofiev use in the Lt. Kije Suite?






3. What does NOT happen in Lt. Kije's fictional life?

He gets married

He receives a promotion.

He meets the Tsar.

He is sent to Siberia.

He is honored as a hero.

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