Ludwig van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 8


Hear the Music!
Beethoven: Symphony No. 8
Beethoven: Symphony No. 5

Roll Over Beethoven

For some reason, Beethoven has been the butt of many musical jokes over the years. You can find Beethoven references everywhere from disco, to the Beatles, to the Broadway musical.

Track list:
: Roll Over Beethoven
: A Fifth of Beethoven
Beethoven: Symphony #5
: Help! / Symphony #9
Beethoven: Minuet in G
Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Which of Beethoven's symphonies was used in several pieces of popular music?





2.During World War II, British public radio started all news bulletins with the first four notes of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5



3. Which popular cartoon strip features a small piano player who loves Beethoven?

Hi and Lois


Lil Abner

Dennis the Menace

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