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William Grant Still
Afro-American Symphony

Paul Lawrence Dunbar's Poetry

After William Grant Still wrote his Afro-American Symphony, he found bits of poetry that he thought went with each movement. The poetry was written by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the first African-American to become a famous writer.

The Music of Freedom
The songs that helped the slaves escape to the north, as well as others that celebrate freedom.

Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Herbert W. Martin, professor of English and poet-in-residence at the University of Dayton and Paul Laurence Dunbar scholar, reads the poetry associated with William Grant Still's Afro-American Symphony...

Twell de Night is Pas'

When I Gits Home

An Ante-Bellum Sermon

Ode to Ethiopia

...and offers the following commentaries on these works.

Twell de Night is Pas'

When I Gits Home

An Ante-Bellum Sermon

Ode to Ethiopia

Track list:
William Grant Still : Afro-American Symphony

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Paul Laurence Dunbar was born in what Ohio City?





2.What is the name of William Grant Still's piece that includes poetry by Dunbar?

Get on Board

Afro-American Symphony

Danzas de Panama

Motherless Child

3. Dunbar sold his first book of poetry himself to

school students


people who rode his elevator


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