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Modest Mussorgsky
"Gnome" from Pictures at an Exhibition


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Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

About Modest Mussorgsky

When he was a kid growing up, Modest Mussorgsky learned Russian fairy tales and folk stories from the family nurse. Those fairy tales put in an appearance in the music he wrote later on. Mussorgsky composed Pictures at an Exhibition in memory of an artist friend of his who died suddenly.

Track list:
Mussorgsky: Gopak
Mussorgsky: Scherzo
Mussorgsky: Dance of the Persian Slaves
Mussorgsky: A Night on Bald Mountain
Mussorgsky: The Flea
Mussorgsky: Coronation Scene from Boris Godunov
Mussorgsky: Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Who was Modest Mussorgsky’s first piano teacher?

His uncle

His father

His mother

His art teacher

The local church organist

2.When Mussorgsky’s family lost their land and money, where did he find a job?

The Conservatory of Music

A farm

A grocery store

The government

A law firm

3. Who is the subject of Mussorgsky’s opera Boris Godunov?

A Baker

A Russian Tsar

A Clown

A Prince

A Monster

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