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Aaron Copland
"Hoe-Down" from Rodeo


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Copland: Rodeo


Copland’s ballet Rodeo tells the story of a cowgirl who is in love with a cowboy, but just can’t get him to notice her. Once she finally does, she decides that she'd rather spend time with another cowboy who was nice to her all along.

Track list:
Copland: “Buckaroo Holiday” from Rodeo
Copland: “Corral Nocturne” from Rodeo
Copland: “Saturday Night Waltz” from Rodeo
Copland: Bonyparte
Copland: “Hoedown” from Rodeo

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Where does the ballet Rodeo take place?

A Campsite

A Horse Race

A Ranch

A Restaurant

A School

2.During Rodeo, what are the cowboys doing?

Herding cattle

Eating dinner

Sitting around the campfire

Having a party at the end of the week

Bronco busting

3. Coplands Hoe-Down used how many fiddle tunes?






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