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Charles Ives
Country Band March

American Hymns in Classical Music

Charles Ives loved to put hymns into his music. Several other composers borrowed hymn tunes; here are several examples from 20th Century American compositions.

Track list:
Ives: Symphony No. 4
Ives: Violin Sonata No. 1
Joseph P. Webster: In the Sweet Bye and Bye
Ives: Second Orchestral Set
Schuman: New England Triptych
Billings: Chester
Traditional: How Firm a Foundation
Thomson: Symphony on a Hymn Tune
Elder Joseph Brackett: Simple Gifts
Copland: Appalachian Spring

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Which composer used singers in a symphony?






2.Name one of Ives' favorite hymn tunes.

In the Sweet Bye and Bye

Watchman, Tell Us of the Night

Ode to Joy

How Firm a Foundation

Amazing Grace

3. Aaron Copland borrowed Simple Gifts from what religious group?






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