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Leonard Bernstein
Overture to "Candide"

American Composers with a Boston Connection

Leonard Bernstein grew up in the Boston area. Here are some more composers who spent time in and around that city.

Track list:
Bernstein: Candide:Overture
Billings: Chester
Billings: When Jesus Wept
Chadwick: Hobgoblin
Paine: Symphony No. 2
Foote: Rigaudon
MacDowell: Forest Spirits
Beach : Fireflies
Piston: Incredible Flutist: Finale
Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. William Billings wrote music during what war?

Civil War

War of 1812

World War I

Revolutionary War

World War II

2.What is Americas oldest independent music school?

Manhattan School of Music

The Juilliard School

New England Conservatory of Music

Eastman School of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music

3. Who was the first American music professor?

John Knowles Paine

Edward Macdowell

Amy Beach

Arthur Foote

Walter Piston

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