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Robert Schumann
Album for the Young


Hear the Music!
Schumann: Album for the Young

Music for the Harvest Season

On this week’s Classics for Kids show, music for the harvest — and for fall.

Track list:
Schumann: Album for the Young - Happy Farmer
Vivaldi: Four Seasons – Autumn
Glazunov: The Seasons
Debussy: Triumph of Bacchus
Grainger: Harvest Hymn
Thompson: The Plow That Broke the Plains – Cattle
Copland: Red Pony – Morning on the Ranch
Ginastera: Malambo
Tchaikovsky: Seasons - August
Beethoven : Symphony No. 6

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. In Vivaldi's Four Seasons, how does the peasant celebrate the rich harvest?

A Thanksgiving Meal

A Party

Giving Presents

Taking a Nap

Song and Dance

2.Who composed the music for two cowboy ballets?

Leonard Bernstein

Aaron Copland

Virgil Thompson

John Philip Sousa

Alexander Glazunov

3. When is the harvest in Argentina?

December, January and February

September, October, November

June, July and August

March, April, May

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