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Georges Bizet
L'Arlésienne Suite


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Bizet: L'Arlésienne Suite

Harmonic Texture in the Farandole

In the "Farandole" from Georges Bizet's Arlésienne Suite, there are examples of all three kinds of harmonic texture: monophony, homophony, and polyphony. Hear those terms explained in words and in music.

Track list:
Bizet: L’Arlesienne Suite: Farandole

Classics for Kids Quiz

1. Phonos is a Greek word that means


a record player



2.In polyphonic music you hear

only one voice

several melodies at the same time

3. The main tune in the Farandole from Bizet's L'Arlesienne Suite is

a folk song

an old French Christmas carol

a military march

a piece from the opera Carmen

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