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Sponsored by Naxos of America
Sponsored by Naxos of America, Inc.

While many children want to learn about classical music and perhaps how to play an instrument, parents often have many questions as to the best way to go about helping their youngster make the best choice of instrument, select a teacher and learn to practice properly. The information in this section provides some helpful guidance in these areas.

How Can I Interest My Child in Classical Music?
Children can gain enormously through the study of classical music, from learning to think creatively to imagining solutions to complex problems.

Selecting an Instrument
Find that one instrument whose sound thrills your child, but remember the size of your car's trunk!

Choosing a Music Teacher
What to look for and which questions to ask any potential music teacher.

Practicing Tips
Tips for creating a successful practice environment for musicians and parents.

Guided Listening Teaching Tips
From Dr. Kay Edwards, Miami University

Soothing Music for Your Young Child
Try playing some of these classical favorites at naptime or bedtime.

Girl Scouts of America Junior Badge: "Making Music"
Classics for Kids® can help fulfill several of the requirements for this badge.

For Teachers: Guided Listening Teaching Tips
A Few Helpful Hints

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Lesson Plans
Based on the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, these lesson plans provide practical, effective activities for grades K-5.

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