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Here are some great classical music, arts and kid-friendly websites for you to visit!
Children's Songs

Lyrics and words for children's nursery rhymes and songs.

Carnegie Hall

Great performances of classical music with interactive listening guides and notes. Also includes a new interactive game based on Benjamin Britten's "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra."

Children's Music Portal

Offers materials and information for those interested in music education for children.

Children's Music Workshop - Advocacy

A list of music education advocacy articles.

Children's Music Workshop - Instruments

Good source for extensive information about musical instruments.

Creative Kids Central

Interactive musical listening activities and games, including a program on Scheherezade.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

Interactive games plus information on instruments, composers and classical music in general.

Exploring JS Bach's Goldberg Variations

Discover the craft, creativity, and legacy of J. S. Bach, one of history’s most influential composer, by exploring his Goldberg Variations through graphics, video, and text as the score unfolds. The site features complete performances on Harpsichord by Matthew Halls and piano by David Korevaar, synchronized with a 1741 first-edition copy of the score, once owned by Bach's first biographer, Forkel. Surprise yourself and click the monogram!

From the Top

Talented youngsters perform classical music.

Fun Songs to Sing in the Car

Going on a road trip is a lot of fun but sometimes it can get a little boring too. A great driving tradition is to have a sing along session. Explore some resources to get started!

Another source is

Grand Piano Action

A description and illustration of how the action of a grant piano works.

Guide to Musical Instruments

A guide to a variety of musical instruments found in an orchestra, including resources for how to practice the instruments as well as take care of them.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy brings you the most effective and fun piano lessons you can find online today, using the power of great teaching combined with modern technology. We are revolutionizing the way children learn piano—and we are excited that you are here to find out how.

Keeping Score

An innovative and very comprehensive music education program developed by the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas. Current materials focus on works by Beethoven, Stravinsky and Copland.

Maestro List
Music Teachers

Maestro List is a US Music Teachers Directory. It can help you find a music teacher in your city, as well as music events and articles.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Concerts

Classical music concerts that are kid friendly and affordable in NYC.

Music education at Datadragon

A good site for information on musical symbols, clefs, note reading, time signatures, note values, etc.

Music Teachers National Association

Information on selecting a music teacher.

Music Therapy

An exploration of how music can make you healthier.

Music Therapy: An Overview

Music therapy is the use of music by health care professionals to promote healing and enhance quality of life for their patients. The American Cancer Society provides an overview.
Music Education

Fun online resources for teachers from


What do sunspots have to do with a Bach violin sonata? See (and hear!) the latest “Amazing Fact” on NASA's award-winning children's Web site, The Space Place.

Nashville Symphony Orchestra - NSO KIds

This multimedia website includes feature sections: “Symphony Spotlight” with video clips of Nashville Symphony musicians talking about their instruments and what they enjoy most about playing them; “Our Instruments,” with 3D replications of all instruments that make up the symphony orchestra and audio clips and interesting facts about each; and “Visit the Symphony,” which teaches appropriate concert etiquette.

National Arts Centre, Canada

Lots of information on composers and instruments plus musical games and more.

New York Philharmonic

Interactive games plus information on instruments, composers and classical music in general.

Noisy Paintings

London's National Gallery presents interactive fun - pick a painting and make it noisy.

Piano Education

Includes some interesting"interviews" with famous composers and lots of information about the piano and classical music in general.

San Francisco Symphony

Interactive games plus information on instruments, composers and classical music in general.

Tafelmusik Baroque Learning Centre

A comprehensive Baroque music education website that includes in-depth information on Baroque composers, instruments and performance techniques, as well as Teacher Study Guides.

Tanbur Music Education Links

‘Tanbur’ is a collection of interactive Internet links collected by the music teacher at Elgin Academy, Moray, Scotland. He has tested the resources in the secondary school music classroom and for student ‘homework’ activities.

The Children's Music Network

The Children's Music Network celebrates the positive power of music in the lives of children by sharing songs, exchanging ideas and creating community

The Open University - Music Education
Music Education

England's Open University has aggegated information from a variety of sources to help you learn about music, including its history, cultural effects, and genres.

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition starts on May 20. Now you can listen to contestants perform and keep track of their progress on line.

Violin Masterclass

Violin Masterclass offers over 170 free on-line violin lessons and performances featuring the Sassmanshaus tradition. Kurt Sassmanshaus is the conductor of the Starling Chamber Orchestra.

World Piano Competition
Classical music

The World Piano Competition celebrates the art of classical piano to inspire artists and audiences. Learn more about its Young Artists Division, returning in 2015.

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