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News from Classics for Kids™ • September 2008

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Radio Shows
Johann Sebastian BachSeptember’s Classics for Kids featured composer is Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach comes from a family of musicians and composers, and is heralded as one of the most talented and prolific composers of all time. He had the ability to write a wide range of musical pieces for various instruments, but wasn’t acclaimed for his works until 100 years after his death. The Bach programs this month include:

    1. About Johann Sebastian Bach
    2. The Sons of Johann Sebastian Bach
    3. What’s a Concerto?
    4. The Story of the Brandenburg Concertos

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Does your child seem forever attached to his/her iPod or Mp3 player? Then infuse it with some great music! Download the Classics for Kids™ radio show in podcast form right to their player, and give them a blast of Bach or a touch of Tchaikovsky. Podcast information is available here.

Next Month
Modest MussorgskyOctober’s Classics for Kids will feature Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. Renowned for his operatic composition, Boris Godunov about a tsar who lived in the 1500’s, the truth is that Mussorgsky could not make a living as a composer so was forced to take a government job to pay the bills while he continued to write music. The programs in October include:

    1. About Modest Mussorgsky
    2. The Mighty Handful
    3. Pictures at an Exhibition
    4. Halloween Music

For Parents

For Parents
Composer TimelinePut the world of the great composers into perspective for your kids by introducing them to the Composer Timeline at Learn what life was like during the time of Bach or Beethoven.

For Teachers

For Teachers
Now that school is back in session, your time becomes even more valuable. We know you want to enhance your students’ learning, but finding the time to create new lesson plans is almost impossible.

Let us help! On, you will find extensive lesson plans for grades K-5 that have been created by Dr. Kay Edwards from Miami University. They are based on national and state standards as well as on Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Each set of lesson plans focuses on an individual classical music composer and a selected piece of music, and are free to you, anytime, at

Talk To Us
Parents and teachers, you know Classics for Kids™ loves to hear from you about the program, the website, and how it can be improved and more relevant to you in making classical music part of your child’s life.

Just fill out the feedback form here. We also want to hear from your kids, so have them check out our Bulletin Board section here to see what other kids have sent and how to send in their own artwork or letter.

Quote of the Month
"Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing."

John Erskine

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