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News from Classics for Kids™ • July 2008

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The American classic from George Gershwin is featured this month on Classics for Kids™.

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George GershwinJuly’s Classics for Kids™ features the great American composer George Gershwin. New York born and self-taught on the piano, Gershwin went on to compose some of the classics of the 20th century including his masterpiece, Rhapsody in Blue. The Gershwin programs for July are:

    1. About George Gershwin
    2. What is a Rhapsody?
    3. Rhapsody in Blue
    4. Jazz in Classical Music

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Have You Heard?
Naomi Lewin is a native of Princeton, New Jersey and pursued a career in acting and singing in New York City before venturing to Bowling Green, Kentucky to try her hand at public radio. It was a good match, and almost 10 years ago, she moved to Cincinnati and became, among other things, the writer, producer and host of Classics for Kids™. She is also an award winning journalist, contributing to NPR and the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. Naomi loves folk music, as well as classical, and keeps up with her interest in opera and theatre.

Next Month
Antonin DvorakAugust’s Classics for Kids™ features Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a butcher, but an uncle noticed Antonin’s musical prowess and paid for him to take organ lessons. His career as a church organist was short lived and he pursued his passion of composing. The Dvorak programs in August are:

    1. About Antonin Dvorak
    2. Composers Who Visited America
    3. Music Nationalism circa 1848
    4. Other Music Nationalism
    5. Dances from Czech Neighbors

For Parents

For Parents
Do you have a budding Gershwin or Dvorak in your home? Find out by allowing your child to compose their own music. The Classics for Kids™ website provides a free online composition area for kids to do their best to take the music from their head and make it real! Check it out here.

For Teachers

For Teachers
Classics for Kids appreciates the dedication of all teachers everywhere. You deserve some time off and here’s hoping you have an enjoyable summer. Just know that Classics for Kids™ is here when you are ready to start putting together those fall lesson plans. There are actually already lesson plans awaiting you here, so take advantage of these proven plans for your 2008-2009 curriculums.

Talk To Us
Parents and teachers, you know Classics for Kids™ loves to hear from you about the program, the website, and how it can be improved and more relevant to you in making classical music part of your child’s life.

Just fill out the feedback form here. We also want to hear from your kids, so have them check out our Bulletin Board section here to see what other kids have sent and how to send in their own artwork or letter.

Quote of the Month
"For the formation of the artist, the first prerequisite should be the development of the human being"

Franz Liszt

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