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News from Classics for Kids • January 2008

Happy New Year!
The Classics for Kids website is new and improved for 2008! We’ve improved the navigation, added a tuba-full of new features, and it’s all still free to use by parents, teachers and students. Take a few minutes during this new year to explore and see how you can use it to introduce your favorite child to the world of classical music!

Radio Shows
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartJanuary’s Classics for Kids features Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This Austrian child prodigy composed his first piece of music at age 5 and his first opera at age 12. During his short life, he composed music in a variety of genres and is still considered a musical genius to this day. Here are the Mozart programs for the month:
    1. About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    2. Mozart’s Operas
    3. Janissary Music
    4. What’s a Rondo?

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Big News
You can now put Classics for Kids on your (or your kids') i-Pod or mp3 player for easy listening. To get all the information and to subscribe to the podcast downloads, just click here.

Next Month
Sergei ProkofievFebruary’s Classics for Kids features Sergei Prokofiev. If you’ve ever heard or seen “Peter and the Wolf,” you’ve heard music from Sergei Prokofiev. This Ukaranian-born pianist and composer wrote music for ballets, operas and even film during his life. He lived all around the world – Paris, the Alps, even the United States – but loved his homeland and returned there to live out his years in 1936. Here are the February programs:

    1. About Sergei Prokofiev
    2. Musical Sleigh Rides
    3. How Suite It Is
    4. The Story of Lt. Kije

For Parents

For Parents
So your child has chosen and instrument and you’ve found a qualified teacher… now, it’s time to practice. It doesn’t have to be a struggle each and every day… visit the Tips and Advice section for parents and get valuable hints to make practice time meaningful for the student.

For Teachers

For Teachers
If you’re looking for additional resources to introduce to your students, check out the Teachers section of and find a listing of books to either read yourself for inspiration and knowledge, or to pass along to your students to help them advance their appreciation for classical music. There are also video and video game recommendations, so visit the Books and More section here.

Talk To Us
Classics for Kids is your resource.We welcome your feedback! How do you like the new look and new features? It will help us enormously to evaluate and improve our program if you will tell us how you use our materials in your classrooms and homes. Do you work with the lesson plans?Do your students listen to the radio shows and the music? Let us know what you like and don’t like. Visit our website for a feedback form and thank you for your input!

Quote of the Month
"Character is the backbone of our human culture. Music is the flowering of character.”


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