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News from Classics for Kids • December 2007
Radio Shows
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsDecember’s Classics for Kids features Ralph Vaughan Williams, an English composer born in 1872. He is noted for preserving old English folk songs, not by just orally passing them along to another generation, but by traveling the countryside and writing down these culturally important songs. Here are the shows you’ll hear in December:
    1. About Ralph Vaughan Williams
    2. Musical Fantasies
    3. Turn of the 20th Century English Composers
    4. Christmas Carols in Classical Music

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Big News
The Classics for Kids website is new and improved! Along with a great new look are new features, more content, and a better online experience for kids, parents and teachers. Look for podcasts of each show, a new instruments of the orchestra section, and a search for composers by period. All this great material, easy to navigate, and free to use to better introduce classical music to our next generation!

Hear The Music

Hear The Music
The Classics for Kids website allows you to do more than read about musicians and composers. You can listen to some of the most recognizable, most beautifully written pieces of classical music. You can also hear from specific sections of the orchestra, to enhance your child’s knowledge and enjoyment of a symphony experience Just click on the More About Music section for all your listening options.

Next Month
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartJanuary’s Classics for Kids features Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This Austrian child prodigy composed his first piece of music at age 5 and his first opera at age 12. During his short life, he composed music in a variety of genres and is still considered a musical genius to this day. Here are the Mozart programs for the month:

    1. About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    2. Mozart’s Operas
    3. Janissary Music
    4. What’s a Rondo?

For Parents

For Parents
How do you choose a music teacher for your child? What should you know about that person? One of the many resources available for parents on the Classics for Kids website is how to match your child with the right teacher. This information, along with choosing an instrument and practice tips are all free and available in the For Parents section.

For Teachers

For Teachers
Variety is the spice of life… and helps keep the attention of your students. Take advantage of the FREE Classics for Kids lesson plans as you spice up your curriculum. They are based on national and state standards as well as on Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Each set of lesson plans focuses on an individual classical music composer and a selected piece of music. Learn more about by visiting our Teachers section.

Talk To Us
Classics for Kids is your resource. We welcome your feedback! How do you like the new look and new features? It will help us enormously to evaluate and improve our program if you will tell us how you use our materials in your classrooms and homes. Do you work with the lesson plans? Do your students listen to the radio shows and the music? Let us know what you like and don’t like. Visit our website for a feedback form and thank you for your input!

Quote of the Month
"The most brilliant scientific discoveries will in time change and perhaps grow obsolete, as new scientific manifestations emerge. But art is eternal, for it reveals the inner landscape, which is the soul of man.”

Martha Graham

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