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News from Classics for Kids™ • April 2008

Kids & Computers
It’s amazing what our kids can do so easily on the computer. But as a parent, you know you have to be concerned about what they are accessing from the World Wide Web. Be involved with your child’s online activities, and share a few minutes of great music with them by visiting

Radio Shows
Antonio VivaldiApril’s Classics for Kids features Antonio Vivaldi. A talented violinist, he was also a priest, until his severe asthma prevented him from saying Mass. He is considered by many to be Italy’s finest composer of the time, and he wrote over 500 different pieces of music. His most famous is The Four Seasons The April shows will be:

    1. About Antonio Vivaldi
    2. Poetry and Sound Effects in Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto
    3. Violin Concertos Through the Ages
    4. Spring Music

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Have You Heard?
Classics for Kids™ was featured recently on the NPR Station Showcase with PRX, a weekly podcast that shines a light on the excellent work being produced at public radio stations all across the country. Check out their conversation with host Naomi Lewin here and sign up for your own Classics for Kids™ podcasts here.

Next Month
Aaron CoplandMay’s Classics for Kids™ features Aaron Copland. Considered one of the finest of the modern composers, Copland was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1900, but gained much acclaim for his ballet works with a Wild West theme. The Copland programs for April are:

    1. About Aaron Copland
    2. Copland’s Cowboy Ballets
    3. Agnes de Mille
    4. Rodeo
    5. Classical Music in Commercials

For Parents

For Parents
If you visit our Musical Periods section, you have the chance to introduce your child to a wide range of music, not just classical. There’s a Jazz section and a very special section entitled The Music of Freedom. Share some of this moving and inspirational music with your child today!

For Teachers

For Teachers
History… Math… Physical Education… these are some of the subjects that you can integrate classical music into to expand the child’s learning experience. How? Visit our Classical Music in the Classroom section for eight simple ways to use our website and classical music in a variety of subjects.

Talk To Us
Classics for Kids™ is your resource.We welcome your feedback! How do you like the new look and new features? It will help us enormously to evaluate and improve our program if you will tell us how you use our materials in your classrooms and homes. Do you work with the lesson plans?Do your students listen to the radio shows and the music? Let us know what you like and don’t like. Visit our website for a feedback form and thank you for your input!

Quote of the Month
“I feel kind of good when I play the violin. It feels like I’m on another planet.”

Shakirah Giggons of her lessons in a Harlem public school

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